Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ICT toolkit books...

Preparing some resources for the course on Geomedia in Salzburg that I am leading next week.

You still have chance to get funding to join me for a repeat of the course in February 2013, and the course is likely to run several times during 2013 - I'd love to see lots of you there... you can get your fees, accommodation and travel paid for.

I'm going to be using several activities from two books which I edited, and were published in April this year.

You really need to have a copy of these books in your departmental library.
They have been selling well, and getting good feedback from users.
You can order them from the GA shop - click to follow the link, and remember that GA members get a discount on purchases, and free P&P

Multimedia made Easy by Paul Cornish

GIS made Easy by Bob Lang

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Over 3000 members

In 2007, over 5 years ago, I set up the Edexcel NING for the new (at the time) GCE spec . It was, following earlier experiments with my 6th form classes, the first real subject-specific support network using the NING platform to be set up in the UK (unless you know otherwise...)

Five years on, it has just passed the 3000 member mark.

It now bears the name of Jon Wolton at the bottom of the page, as it is funded by Jon and Edexcel who have kindly kept it going as they recognise the benefit of the collective weight of experience, and the quality of the discussions, communication and support that it offers, as well as the resources which are shared.
I'm proud of what I started, and am profoundly grateful to everyone who has taken the trouble to go beyond just joining it, but to contribute to a discussion, share a resource, answer a question or otherwise network with colleagues.
I hope it continues to be useful as we move towards the next phase of specification change....