Friday, 27 November 2009

GA Post-16 National Conference

Image by Alan Parkinson - as seen in "Look at it this Way"...

Details of the Geographical Association's first Post 16 National Conference are now on the GA website.

This will take place in London on the 22nd of June 2010

This conference will discuss ways to enhance A-level teaching and learning through two major themes: rivers, floods and management and the impact of urban change. The workshops will include ideas for fieldwork and the use of ICT, and how to prepare students for the fieldwork examination questions.

Online booking already available...

There are large discounts for student GA members.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Climate Challenge

OXFAM have launched a new website called "THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE" ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference.

It has a range of games and quizzes featuring celebrities (some of whom you may have heard of) and, usefully, a series of downloads which include the following things below to clutter up your blog post...

The game is also available in a range of languages including CHINESE....
Why might that be ?

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Water Conflicts

A very useful Sky News video....

Royal Academy of Art exhibition

My wife went on a school art trip down to the Royal Academy of Arts and Tate Modern yesterday. Below are a few of the images she took of the sculptures outside the building.
There was also news of a forthcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy called EARTH: Art of a changing world...
This is timed to coincide with the Copenhagen Climate Change talks, and opens on the 5th of December and goes through to

I'm in London during that period so will certainly be going along.

There is also a connection with the CAPE FAREWELL project which I used as my POLAR context when teaching the OCR Pilot GCSE Geography...

Thursday, 5 November 2009

"Rebranding" in Lake District

The classic "Elderly People" traffic sign has often been criticised for its depiction of an impression of elderly people that might be less than appropriate.

A recent item in the Daily Mail (my favourite online newspaper resource) showcased a response to this in the Lake District.

Cumbria Tourism placed an alternative version of the sign on the Old Man of Coniston (that's a landform by the way, not a person...)

This was part of a "rebranding" of the Lake District as "the capital of adventure"....