Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New 'Geography'

The GA have relaunched their "Geography" journal with a new editorial collective (I was present at the launch at the GA Conference - there was free wine !) and the first of the new issues was Spring 2008.
Several of the articles in this issue (which was sent free to all GA subscribers) have obvious links to the new Edexcel, and have just finished reading them.
The opening article by Stuart Lane is on "Thinking through Climate Change" (World at Risk), followed by "Sea Level is not Level" (World at Risk / Crowded Coasts), "Ugly Beautiful" (Going Global), "The London 2012 Olympics" (Rebranding Places)

Summer 2008's issue promises several articles on Risk and the Lisbon Earthquake (World at Risk), Slope Failures, plus a look at Climate Change and the Summer 2007 floods (also World at Risk)
One to watch (and read)
Some sample articles are available for non-GA members

Wallasea Island Flooding Case Study

A third case study has now been added to the MANAGING FLOOD RISK section of the GA's website.
The resources are based at WALLASEA ISLAND on the Essex coast, which is an example of a more 'sustainable' flood management project.
There are resources and images that would make a good 'AS' case study.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

HIV / AIDS map

Thanks to Tom Biebrach for pointing out this very useful INTERACTIVE MAP which gives details on the rate of HIV infection for African countries when 'moused over'. Some frighteningly large percentages. Will be relevant to A2 units.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Rebranding Places: Is regeneration 'progress' ?

Enjoying reading "Real England" by Paul Kingsnorth, which has an accompanying BLOG, which I'm of course very much in favour of...There are some very good sections in the book for geographers.
One I read last night is in Chapter 6 of the book, and features the Queen's Market in Upton Park, London

"Saving the market is not just about money, it's about our culture, and our culture is priceless"

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah on Queen's Market

This is a market which has been in operation for many decades, and has a remarkable cosmopolitan feel to it. The market apparently hasn't had a lot of investment in recent years, but has now been made available to a redevelopment firm called St. Modwen.
This has not gone down well with all of the traders, some of whom fear that the rents will be increased once the development has finished.
There is a website to help keep the market: FRIENDS OF QUEEN'S MARKET

Image by Adrian Arbib from http://www.friendsofqueensmarket.org.uk/

The website has a range of excellent resources which would help students to appreciate the issues.
There is an obvious connection with a certain other event which is happening in E. London in 2012...

Also check out the GAMES MONITOR website... (a new find...)

Plenty of information at the local COUNCIL SITE (including maps and plans)

A nice article in the LONDONPAPER.

Also check out this interesting INDYMEDIA article.

The website of the developer: ST MODWEN.

Also a very useful article in 'The Independent on Sunday'.

This is an important read as it explains how the Car Industry has shifted its location from Detroit to Pune in Maharashtra...

NING developments

Plenty of new discussions and and resources now on the NING.
Thanks to Adam Lawson for the most recent additions: some basic plans for week by week teaching of the AS units. This will be one of the jobs that will have to wait until study leave starts...
Come and join us !

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Received my FREE pack of GEOHAZARDS cards today from Keele University.
These are great free resources which I shall put to one side ready for when I teach world at risk next year.