Friday, 16 July 2010

Google Earth 4 Degrees

A very exciting new Google Earth layer was launched this week.
The layer has been produced in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and shows information about a possible 4 degree rise in temperature

A range of YOUTUBE videos are available for use with the layer.
The Tyndall Centre were involved in its creation...

Don't forget the Teachers TV programmes which I was involved in, which has a focus on a poem looking at various degrees of warming and the potential impact on the UK.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Flooding continues to be a major issue for many householders, despite the current hosepipe bans in some parts of the country.

The LANDMARK group has just produced a resource which relates to the work of the NATIONAL FLOOD FORUM, and the very useful KNOW YOUR FLOOD RISK page.

I have mentioned the latter before, for their very useful Twitter stream of flood news, which is well worth FOLLOWING.

There is a useful video for higher secondary pupils here, relating to the risk of flooding, and the possible impact on businesses, and also the individual tasks that can be taken to mitigate the impacts of a possible flood.
This would be worth watching by GCSE or A level students....