Thursday, 23 October 2008

Are you ?

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Re-presenting Urban Space

Just listening to Dan Ellison talk on US Public Radio from last night.

You can download an mp3 of the talk, which I strongly recommend that you do.

Dan starts by referring to Doreen Massey and her work on perceptions of urban spaces and also the representation of places. He started by walking across Salisbury and exploring its ecological footprint.

He also talked about the issue of surveillance, and the issues with photography, and how he worked out the route for the walks based on inequality.

Photograph taken every 8 paces, and then turned into stop-motion films.

Also explored school geography, and how the media over-represents certain areas of cities.

Online CPD.... I urge you to listen !

Thursday, 9 October 2008

What not to do in an earthquake...

Find more videos like this on Edu4drr

Because NINGS are cool...

Dubai - wealth at the expense of....

The Guardian's G2 section yesterday had an excellent report on the inequalities that exist in Dubai between those who are financing and occupying the multi-billion pound developments, and those who are creating them.


A quote that almost echoes the construction of the Pyramids: "We need slaves to build monuments"

There is also a photo story that accompanies the piece on the Guardian's WORLD section (click MULTIMEDIA and then PICTURES). Would be very useful for the idea of INEQUALITY and UNEQUAL SPACES.

If you're reading this in Dubai, and would like some quality Geography CPD delivering, please get in touch !

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Ocean Currents

Slideshare show by Ollie Bray, who gets about a bit....

Chris Jordan Photography

A series of remarkable images can be viewed at Chris Jordan's WEBSITE.
The series called Running the Numbers explores the scale of consumption in the USA, and visualises the quantity of cigarettes, paper cups etc that are disposed of...
The image below (which is just a small part of a much larger images, visualises the commercial aircraft movements over the USA in just 8 hours: over 11 000 trails...)

The Biofuel Song

This is a great resource for those augmenting an exploration of BIOFUELS.
Listen to the song, which is excellent, and then perhaps produce a lyric which provides the alternative viewpoint...

"Bio fuel, will only help the hungry !
Bio fuel, brilliant idea !", for example... (and not a very good example at that...)

Nice work by livebroadkast
Do you prefer the straight, or are you a sucker for the dubmix !

NING Update

The Ning continues to develop in a very pleasing way.
Plenty to keep everyone involved. Loads of discussions and sharing...
Thanks to all those who are members, and if you aren't yet, then go HERE and sign up.